6th Grade Chorus
Students will develop an aesthetic appreciation for choral sound, performance, and literature through correct technique for balance, blend, vocal production, tone quality, posture, breathing diction, intonation, and expression. Students will recognize the musical elements in choral singing and develop a music reading technique through the use of solfeggio. Different styles and cultures will be introduced through literature, partner songs, folk songs, and listening examples. Self evaluation will be utilized through discussion and journal writing, thus leading to lifelong learning and appreciation of music.

7th and 8th Grade Chorus
Students in 7th and 8th grade chorus will further their individual and group performance skills through aesthetic appreciation of various styles of repertoire, as well as through vocal/choral techniques of posture, breathing, sound production, tone quality, vowel treatment and color, diction, intonation, balance, and blend. They will also utilize solfeggio, develop independent musicianship and basic music reading skills, and incorporate musical elements and expression into choral performances. Check out for more information.