6th grade General Music focuses on continuing the development of aural and rhythmic skills, music learning styles, and the ability to process and understand the basic concepts of music through listening, creating, evaluating, and performing while building life-long skills in music. Students also learn to create their own compositions, both rhythmically and melodically, through the use of percussion instruments and in the music keyboard lab.

In 7th grade Music, students build upon their rhythmic and aural skills while developing and utilizing their concept of music elements.  Students further their ability to understand music by learning to perform and create music on both keyboard and guitar.  Also, students broaden their musical vocabulary while creating a contemporary score composition and performance. Technology is fully integrated into the curriculum with students utilizing the music keyboard lab to create original projects using Garage Band and their own compositions.

In 8th grade Music, students focus on continuing the development of performing, evaluating, creating, and responding.  Students further their skills for lifelong learning, and their ability to process and understand music, by continuing to perform, compose and evaluate at a higher level. Students utilize keyboard skills, guitar, drum set, improvisation, podcasting, music history, and the elements of music.  Some projects include a Garage Band Composition With Words, Composer Podcast, Percussion Ensemble Performance, and arranging music.